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We are proud to say that none of our Eco Bath London products are tested on animals. Even with our product lines, we strive to ensure that no animal has been harmed or tested on during its creation.

Eco Bath Luxury Bamboo Bath Tray + FREE Epsom Salt

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Eco-Friendly Gift Collection

Our Gift Set Selection is the perfect way to get the best of Eco Bath London at once. Perfect idea for a gift. It is also a good introduction to eco-friendly products and green way of life.

Natural Brushes

Brushes Made From Sisal, Walnut & Olive Wood. With Soft Bristles provides extra gentle exfoliation, leaving skin soft and smooth.

Natural Bath Salts

Blended with aromatherapy oils, our Bath salts provide numerous benefits to the soaker. Whether you are looking to relieve sore muscles or just relax, the Eco Bath London Bath salt collection has salt for every soak.

Eco-Friendly Nail Brush

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Organic Cotton Range

All of the items found within our organic cotton range are soft to the touch, naturally moisture absorbent and hypoallergenic.

Eco Bath Soap on Rope

Vegetable incrustations provide gentle exfoliation also Offers gentle removal of dirt and bacteria!

Alleviate Muscular strain

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Eco Bath Rose Soap On a Rope

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Eco Bath Rose Soap On a Rope

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