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The Benefits of Soap on a Rope

If you haven’t yet indulged yourself with the Eco Bath London Soap on a Rope collection – you are genuinely missing out.  Do you remember the old f...

How Changing Your Toothbrush Can Positively Impact the Environment

According to this piece found on the British Dental Association website, in the UK, we throw away around 200 million plastic toothbrushes every yea...

4 Steps To Make Your Feet Summer Ready

Summer is finally here and that means one thing; time to break out those sandals! Instead of splurging for a pedicure in a salon, we’ve got some tips to help you get your feet in shape for summer (the eco-friendly way of course). Ready to show off your feet? Grab your favourite nail varnish and let’s get started. 

Natural Ways To Keep Your Bathroom Sparkling Clean

At Eco Bath London, we’re obviously advocates of chemical-free, environmentally friendly products.  That doesn’t just mean the products that we use in our personal care routines, it extends to the products we use around the house, the food we keep in our kitchen and trying to live a generally green lifestyle. 

The Benefits of Epsom Salts

Nothing beats age-old remedies, and one great example is Epsom Salts.  Known for their restorative properties, all-natural Epsom Salts are somethin...

Eco Bath London Essentials: Four Must-Have Products Under £10

Lockdown has taken its toll on so many of us!  The beauty salons and non-essential retail only just beginning to open their doors now.  During the ...

The Best Eco-Friendly Woods for Your Body Care

Being sustainable and eco-friendly is more important than ever before.  As a population, we need to take care of our planet to protect it for futu...

Three Fantastic Lockdown Beauty Tips

There’s no reason to let lockdown ruin your regular beauty routine. Obviously, going to the beauty salon is off the agenda for now and getting your...

Why You Should Have a Luxury Bamboo Bath Tray

  There’s no doubt that lockdown due to a global pandemic means we all need to take extra special care of both our mental and physical health.  How...

Have You Seen Our Organic Cotton Range?

There’s no doubt about it – organic cotton is the best quality cotton you can buy.  Not only is it made in environmentally friendly conditions, our...

Sisal Fiber: The Natural Options

Sisal is an extremely sustainable, eco-friendly material that at Eco Bath London, we use for lots of our products because it of its versatility.  Y...

Six Brilliant Eco-Friendly Christmas Tips

With Christmas just two weeks away, we thought this was an opportune moment to bring you some eco-friendly Christmas Tips.  Apart from choosing eco...

What You Should Know About Bamboo

Natural, sustainable bamboo has a wealth of benefits that we bet you didn’t know about! At Eco Bath London, bamboo is one of our most favourite materials to use for our products.  Our bamboo products are entirely eco-friendly too – and we’ll talk about them a little later, but first, here’s some interesting facts about bamboo you should hear about!

Mental Health During Lockdown with Relaxing Ideas

Most people experience stress during life and understanding how to deal with it is one of the best ways to help reduce anxiety so you gain enjoymen...

How to Indulge Your Man in Eco-Friendly Skincare Products

  Often, men are put to the bottom of the list when it comes to skin and body-care but just like women, they need to be cared for.  Men’s skin and ...

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