About Us

Eco Bath London is a manufacturer and supplier of quality organic natural bath accessories and body care products company based in London. Specialised in manufacturing uniquely blended Epsom Salt Bath Soak with Aromatherapy oil.

Our products range including Natural Sisal Bristle Body Brushes, Natural Loofah, Natural Sea Sponges, Pumice Stones, Foot Files, Hand Made Soap, Bath Bombs & Sherbets for a wonderful relaxing bath and revitalising your body.

We have always had great enthusiasm in manufacturing our Eco-Friendly body care products that we supply to our consumers and we are passionate to keep doing so. Our business is not just about supplying good quality products but also make sure the ingredients come from sustainable sources as we have great respect for the environment and the whole planet.

All our packaging has been made from recycled materials and working towards zero plastic. Eco Bath London will continue to seek out unique products to help make our business different. 

We are proud to say that none of our Eco Bath London products are tested on animals. Even with our product lines, we strive to ensure that no animal has been harmed or tested on during its creation.