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Benefits of Using a Body Brush

Benefits of Using a Body Brush

Is your skin on your body dry, rough or perhaps not looking as smooth or feeling as soft as it could? Perhaps you haven’t been paying your skin as much attention lately. After all, you’re busy. While you remember to moisturise your face and you look after your hands there are other parts of the body where skin needs attention.  Leave it long enough and that neglected skin won’t glow with good health. Luckily, it doesn’t take too much effort to get it looking clear and feeling great! Body brushing isn’t a new phenomenon, millions of women brush their skin gently with a body brush every day and it is simply a matter of factoring in a few more minutes a day.

Here are some more reasons why you should body brush:

  •  Using a quality natural Eco Bath London Body Brush with Soft Bristles, you improve circulation and that helps your lymphatic system to work properly. Your lymphatic system is powerful, it gets rid of toxins and impurities from your body and without it working really well, skin looks tired, lacklustre and won’t feel or appear healthy.  A light brush on clean, dry skin will help to keep it working to the optimum, another great reason why you should buy a natural body brush.

  • A natural body brush is a form of massage and everyone loves the sensation of massage! It’s relaxing, rejuvenating and refreshing. Try it and see how invigorated you feel after body brushing.

  • Body brushing reveals a youthful skin because when you use one, you slough away dead skin cells and rough areas. It can even help to plump up your skin so it looks young and radiant.

  • If you already use a body moisturiser, then you might think you don’t need to body brush but you do and here’s why. Moisturising alone isn’t enough to keep your skin youthful and firm, without body brushing, you won’t get all the benefits. The moisturiser won’t be able to really travel deeply into your skin, well below the epidermis because dry, dead skin cells must be removed first.  So when you body brush, your moisturiser should sink in effortlessly and make your skin feel extra-smooth.

    Body Brushing

    Where to Body Brush

    For best results, don’t use a body brush in the shower especially if you live in a hard water area. Hot water can dry out the skin. If you really want to do it in the shower, either use cool water or brush just before you hit the water. The best time to do it is on dry, clean skin so after your shower is recommended.

    The Best Natural Body Brushes

    At Eco Bath London, we believe that our products are the highest quality you can find. That’s because we only use premium materials and we believe in environmentally-friendly products made from sustainable materials. Not only is that kinder to the world we live in, it means you use something that’s good for your skin. Isn’t that nice to know? Meet some of our body brushes:

    The Natural Sisal Olive Body Brush is made from sustainable materials and comes with a removable long handle so you can reach your lower back. It also comes with a handy strap for added comfort and the bristles are soft on the skin.  

    If you’d rather harder bristles, we would recommend the Natural Sisal Walnut Body Brush which is designed to slough away very dry and rough skin. The bristles are firmer so you get a deep massage that is truly revitalising!  Made out of walnut, it has a useful long handle that helps you get to hard to reach areas.

    For a salon-like experience, we love the Japanese Sisal Spa Brush which exfoliates and cleanses your skin leaving a silky-smooth finish.  This one is best for use out of the shower.

    Suffering with cellulite? The Eco Bath London Cellulite Hand Brush will make all the difference as it breaks up those pockets of fat beneath the skin so it looks smooth and youthful. This brush is especially designed for the removal of cellulite; you’ll be amazed at the results! Made out of beech wood, it fits snugly in your palm for ultimate comfort.

    There are others too on our website, take a look and see which will work best for your needs!

    How to Get The Best Out of Your Body Brush?

    For best results, follow this Eco Bath London guide to body brushing below:

    • Best used on clean, dry skin
    • Start with your feet and legs
    • Brush upwards towards your heart
    • Use short strokes and apply light pressure don’t be tempted to press too hard or you might irritate your skin
    • Move upwards to your tummy and armpits with circular motions
    • For arms, move the brush upwards towards your shoulders in short and firm strokes
    • Never use a body brush on irritated or broken skin
    • When you’ve finished, rinse your brush, removing any debris and leave it to dry naturally

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