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Everything You Want to Know About Reed Diffusers

Everything You Want to Know About Reed Diffusers

Home fragrance takes on many different guises nowadays and we are no longer just limited to spraying room fragrance from an unattractive can or lighting a scented candle.  While quality scented candles are always a fabulous choice, they aren’t always practical, especially for families with young children as they are a fire risk.  The other option is a reed diffuser by Eco Bath London.  Reed diffusers are the modern choice for room fragrance.  Not only are they eye-catching (making superb interior décor pieces) but they also smell divine and without a flame in sight!  In this piece, we’ll talk about the benefits of Eco Bath London’s reed diffusers and tell you about some of the exciting scents available to make your home complete.  



All-Natural Scent – All Day Long!

Our cruelty-free reed diffusers are all-natural, meaning there are no nasty chemicals involved in them.  In fact, they’re beneficial for your home because the natural scents available often trigger different physical response.  For example, there’s something extremely comforting about walking into your home after a long day at work to be greeted by the calming and relaxing scent of Lavender! 

Of course – for those who want to feel refreshed and ready-to-go then there are other options to choose from.  For example, your utility room could really benefit from the Cotton variety which emits a deliciously fragrant fresh laundry scent.  The Green Tea reed diffuser has added notes of bergamot, ideal for living rooms or the breakfast room, where you want a calm environment that also has an uplifting atmosphere.

Reed diffusers produce a continuous scent in your home because they don’t need to be lit.  The reeds emit the fragrance all day, every day (until they run out of course) and because they’re long-lasting, they’re often a better investment than a scented candle.  They work by absorbing the oils in the bottle and the reeds are crafted from wood, which hold onto the scent while dispersing it into the atmosphere.  They also send the fragrance out in different directions because the reeds splay out in the bottle.

Not all reed diffusers are the same, remember that Eco Bath London’s reed diffusers are carefully produced using natural oils and eco-friendly packaging.  Plus, they look sensational!  In a smart, square-shaped bottle with a wooden lid and a decorative label, they draw the eye wherever you decide to place them.




The Perfect Gift – Every Time!

A reed diffuser is always gratefully received.  Whether as a thank you for visiting someone’s home for dinner, a small moving-in gift or something for the office, there’s no doubt that the recipient will be delighted!  One of the best-sellers is this Vanilla and Cinnamon reed diffuser, it’s a welcoming scent that really awakens the senses!


At Eco Bath London, we’ve got you covered with a multitude of scent infusions, and there’s something for everyone.  Let’s not forget the White Musk reed diffuser and the Peony reed diffuser, ideal for any time of year, and for any discerning home.  Couldn’t you do with a little luxury home fragrance in your life?

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