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Why You Should Add Exfoliating To Your Anti-Aging Routine

Why You Should Add Exfoliating To Your Anti-Aging Routine


As we age, our bodies change with us. To combat this, many people seek out procedures in a bid to look younger. But did you know that there are natural (less prickly) ways to keep your skin looking bright and youthful? In fact, there is one thing you can start doing today to encourage healthy and bright skin all over your body; Exfoliate.


What Is Exfoliation?

Exfoliation is the natural process where dead and lacklustre skin cells are shed, revealing new and healthy skin that lies beneath. When we are young, our skin regenerates every 28 to 30 days. That’s like a new set of skin every month! As we age, the regeneration cycle of our skin begins to slow, leaving us with less youthful looking skin for longer periods of time. Exfoliating several times a week is a great way to help your skin regenerate faster and more effectively!


How Can Exfoliating Help Me Look Younger?

Exfoliation provides a variety of natural benefits! Here are just a few of the reasons you should introduce exfoliating as part of your anti-aging routine.

How Can Exfoliating Help Me Look Younger?

  1. Brighter and Smoother Skin

Dead skin cells are dull, rough and lacklustre. By removing these dead cells, your skin is left healthy, bright and silky smooth. The gentle removal of older skin layers has also been known to improve skin discolouration, patchiness and even help with hyperpigmentation. 


  1. Improves Blood Flow

In addition to removing dull skin cells, exfoliating also encourages blood circulation. The gentle “scrubbing” of the skin during exfoliation softly massages the different parts of your body, improving blood flow and encouraging lymphatic drainage. As bodily toxins are depleted, you’re left looking and feeling rejuvenated.


  1. Reduces Wrinkles

Exfoliating your skin aids in the production of collagen and elastin. Yes, you read that right. Exfoliating will help your body produce more collagen and elastin, keeping your skin extra plump and ready to bounce back. This makes exfoliating a great way to slow down and even delay the appearance of wrinkles!


What Areas Should I Exfoliate?

Depending on which part of your body you would like to target, there are a plethora of products and tools designed to help you reach every inch of your body. Most conversations about exfoliation, focus primarily on the face. Because of this, we want to highlight some of the different areas on your body that deserve a little more attention. (Swimsuit season is here and who doesn’t want bright and youthful skin all over?)


  1. Back and Shoulders

We never see our backs and shoulders which is why we sometimes forget to take care of them. Exfoliating your back, shoulders and neck will keep these areas bright and smooth, whether you plan on showing them off or not. Reaching these areas can be a little tricky, which is why we suggest the help of an exfoliating back strap!

Our Eco Bath London Bamboo and Sisal back strap is double sided and made with natural bamboo and sisal fibres. The bamboo and sisal fibres offer natural exfoliation while the reverse cotton side is great for polishing and cleansing freshly exfoliated skin.

Have a look at our Bamboo and Sisal Back Straps here!


  1. Arms and Legs

Arms and legs are often skipped in the anti-aging discussion. But why? Exfoliating encourages blood flow, which will help keep the skin of your arms and legs plump, tight and smooth. Using an exfoliating bath mitt will give you full control while you massage the skin all over your body. Whether you are preventing premature aging or getting ready to show off some skin, make sure to take care of your arms and legs.

Looking for an exfoliating bath mitt? We suggest our new Bamboo and Sisal Massage Mitt! Get yours here!


  1. Feet

Feet need some love too! Removing any hard, old and calloused skin from your feet will keep your feet looking and feeling smooth! Not to mention healthy feet appear brighter and more youthful! One of the easiest ways to naturally exfoliate your feet is with natural pumice or natural pumice foot file. Just make sure you use a plastic-free foot file to keep your feet and the planet happy!

Looking for a plastic-free Natural Pumice Foot File? Click here!


You can also check out our blog “4 Steps To Make Your Feet Summer Ready” for more eco-friendly tips on how to pamper your feet!




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