Natural Loofah Brush

The Eco Bath's Organic Natural Loofah made from Natural Loofah Plant and natural towelling. Grown traditionally without the use of any chemicals or pesticides on a small farm in the fertile region of Antioch in Southern Turkey.  Our Natural Plant Loofahs have a large and light texture which makes them softer with greater flexibility for effective cleansing and massaging of the skin, with the added advantages of quick-drying and resistance to mould growth. 

  • This brush has a detachable varnished handle for ample reach with a strap on the brush itself for extra control. 
  • Organic Natural Loofah Brush is exfoliating and invigorating your skin
  • Great effect on the feet, knees, legs to rub and soften skin
  • Add your favourite soap or shower gel then gently scrub all over your body
  • Leave to dry naturally in a well-ventilated place after use

Collections: Body Care, Natural Brushes

Type: Body Brush