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Have You Seen Our Organic Cotton Range?

Have You Seen Our Organic Cotton Range?

There’s no doubt about it – organic cotton is the best quality cotton you can buy.  Not only is it made in environmentally friendly conditions, our Eco Bath London organic cotton is super-soft and comfy, designed to be long-lasting and oh so dreamy!  We don’t believe in nasty toxins or chemicals, so our organic cotton is kind, good for your skin, good for you, great for all the family.  Have you tried it yet?



What Is Organic Cotton?


Organic cotton means cotton that’s grown as nature intended.  So, that means no fertiliser, no pesticide and no toxins involved in the growth process.  Our organic cotton is sourced from the best possible organic cotton farms and then spun into wonderful, eco-friendly products for you to enjoy.  Did you know that cotton, while a natural fibre, is one of the most widely grown crops globally?  Regular cotton production involves use of lots of chemicals that impact on the world we live in. Those chemicals are known to be toxic and are classified as so by the Environmental Protection Agency.  That’s why at Eco Bath London, we choose organic cotton, which is super-kind to the environment and sustainable. Our organic cotton is grown with low environmentally impact, meeting strict standards so it always gets the organic seal of approval.

  • It’s natural, using untreated GMO seeds
  • The soil that our cotton is grown in is kept healthy through crop rotation rather than chemicals
  • We don’t remove weeds and instead, they are used for their benefits, rather than destroyed using fertilisers
  • To get organic cotton white, we only use safe peroxide
  • Dying organic cotton we only use safe, natural dyes that do not impact the environment
  • Our organic cotton is all fair trade

Our Gorgeous Organic Cotton Collection


From face mitts to washcloths, bathrobes to slippers, ponchos to towels, our organic cotton range encompasses style, comfort and the environment.  We are also price-conscious and all of our products are priced fairly, guaranteeing you superior quality with less eco-impact.  Isn’t it time you shopped one of our organic cotton collection products?  They make fantastic gifts, whether for a birthday, to mark a special occasion or as a Christmas present. 

Why not treat all the family to a super-soft and snuggly bathrobe?


We have hooded varieties 

And shawl-collars


Bathrobes for children up to the age of 12


and we’ve even got baby towels so your tiny one isn’t left out ! 



You might also want to include our towels, face cloths and wash-cloths so your bathroom is completely kitted out in Eco Bath London organic cotton.

Isn’t it time you made the change from regular cotton to organic?


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