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Why You Should Have a Luxury Bamboo Bath Tray

Why You Should Have a Luxury Bamboo Bath Tray


There’s no doubt that lockdown due to a global pandemic means we all need to take extra special care of both our mental and physical health.  However, with home schooling, often back-to-back Zoom work meetings and dealing with general day to day, we all get bogged down.  Life is more stressful than it used to be.  So, if there’s just one thing that you do every day, take a glorious long, relaxing soak in the bath.  Fill it with your favourite eco-friendly Balance and Calming Epsom Bath Salts and spend quality time luxuriating in the warm, soothing water.  Why not light some naturally scented aromatherapy candles and play your favourite chill-out tunes?  Dim the lights, close your eyes and make it your own special time that unburdens a hectic day.  You could even practice some mindfulness exercises along with deep breathing.

Bath-time Pleasures



Of course, there are other things you can do with your bath-time!  Take your tablet with you and while in the bath why not catch up on your favourite soap operas?  Or download a delicious Netflix romcom on your iPad – the phrase Netflix ‘n’ Chill comes to mind but do make sure you have somewhere safe to place your tablet. A space-saving Luxury Bamboo Bath tray from Eco Bath London is the perfect bath-time partner!  Not only is it 100% sustainable (made from pure bamboo), it’s also entirely practical and useful, yet still looks stylish no matter what your bathroom décor is. 

A Luxury Bamboo Bath Tray is the ideal place to store all your necessities while bathing.  You’ll need your natural Eco Bath Soap on a Rope,  your Natural Sisal Walnut Body Brush, your Bamboo Bath Puff and of course, ample space for your iPad. 

Prefer to immerse yourself in a good book?  Your Bamboo Bath Tray is a great companion, wide enough to house your book comfortably, you can flick through an exciting murder mystery or delve into a passionate novel without getting your book or magazine soaked! You could also take it one step further and treat yourself to a healthy smoothie or, if you prefer, there’s no harm in a nice glass of crisp, chilled white wine to ease away the stresses of the day and treat yourself to some slices of fresh fruit – why not, you deserve it! 

The Bamboo Bath Tray is the ideal size for a standard bath and as it’s extendable (up to 95cm) it fits most baths.  It gives you plenty of extra storage space and means you don’t need to crane your neck looking at your tablet precariously balanced on a chair!

The Gift that Keeps On Giving!

An Eco Bath London Bamboo tray is an absolute essential for bath-time, the only trouble is you won’t want to get out!  This tray also makes a great gift, so, don’t just keep it to yourself, treat someone you love to the joys of little bath-time pleasures.




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