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Natural Ways To Keep Your Bathroom Sparkling Clean

Natural Ways To Keep Your Bathroom Sparkling Clean

At Eco Bath London, we’re obviously advocates of chemical-free, environmentally friendly products.  That doesn’t just mean the products that we use in our personal care routines, it extends to the products we use around the house, the food we keep in our kitchen and trying to live a generally green lifestyle. 

Walking rather than taking the car, doing our best to not pollute the atmosphere with unnecessary fumes, refusing to buy plastic packaging – wherever we can, we try to reduce our carbon footprint. 

So, we’d like to give you a few hacks on keeping the bathroom clean, without using chemical sprays.  Those sprays are bad for the environment but they’re equally bad for us. Breathing in pollutants can cause all sorts of respiratory problems and increase the risk of asthma.  Let’s all try to be greener and cleaner together and make the world a better place for future generations!

1. Glass Cleaners


This recipe isn’t just good for the bathroom glass (shower screen, mirrors, buffing taps and the towel rail), it can be used all around the home, on windows, mirrors, the glass on your hanging pictures and photo-frames too.  Most household glass cleaners are made with vinegar, it’s the old-fashioned way of cleaning and works really well for a streak-free finish.  Simply take 50% white vinegar and 50% water.  Pour it into an old spray bottle, give it a good shake and use it the same way as you’d use your regular glass cleaner.

2. Re-Use Old T-Shirts

Rather than buying new dusters and cloths, use old clothes that you no longer need – and this is far friendlier to the environment than throwing them out!  Old T-shirts are great because of their jersey construction, or anything that’s cotton will do well for that glass polishing we’ve mentioned above.

3. Clean Baths and Sinks


The glass cleaner acts as a great base for your sanitary ware.  Adding baking soda will help to really deep clean and get rid of grime.  For really dirty areas, you could apply baking soda and water (mix into a paste) directly onto the stains, leave for ten minutes and then rinse off.  The paste also works well on tiles and floor.  For mould, use neat vinegar, it’s acidic so it will break it down.

4. Saintising Toilets

Your loo is obviously one of the places that gets dirty fast so it’s important to stay on-top keeping it nice and clean.   Start with baking soda, sprinkle it inside the toilet, taking care to get it all around the sides.  Then, take 300ml of white vinegar (don’t dilute it) and swish it round the pan.  Scrub the loo with a toilet brush, flush and repeat once more.  Clean the white area of the loo with the baking soda and water mix as discussed above.  To make your toilet sweet-smelling, try some natural essential oil in your favourite fragrance.  Just pop a couple of drops directly into the bowl once you’ve finished cleaning.

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