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The Benefits of Epsom Salts

The Benefits of Epsom Salts

Nothing beats age-old remedies, and one great example is Epsom Salts.  Known for their restorative properties, all-natural Epsom Salts are something that your grandmother (and her grandmother too) probably swore by and with good reason!  Epsom Salts contain crystal salts that have exceptional qualities, designed to alleviate and reduce muscle soreness and aid relaxation.  However, there’s more to Eco Bath London’s incredible Epsom Salt range and we’re going to tell you about some of the extraordinary benefits that you could enjoy.

  • Epsom Bath Salts Detoxify

The two key ingredients of Epsom Salt are sulfate and magnesium, and when both of these are combined together, they help with detoxification and getting rid of impurities from the body.  A relaxing, rejuvenating bath using Epsom Salts is one way of banishing nasty toxins that build up in the body and encouraging better lymphatic drainage.  So, there are genuine health benefits associated with Epsom Bath Salts.

  • Epsom Bath Salts are Good for Calming Inflammation

If you suffer with eczema, dermatitis or severe dry skin, consider using Epsom Salts in your bath.  Natural, soothing and calming they can help to soften rough dry skin and encourage exfoliation so could make a difference to dry, flaky and irritated skin.  We would always advise checking with your doctor or medical practitioner first, especially if you have eczema or another skin condition.

  • Epsom Bath Salts Alleviate Arthritic Discomfort

For those suffering with inflammatory problems such as arthritis, lupus, gout or other conditions, Epsom Bath Salts could make a real difference because of the magnesium content.  The salts are well-known for reducing muscular soreness and stiffness too – a luxurious soak in a bath with Epsom Bath Salts really does go a long way to restoring aching limbs, reducing tension and pain.

  • Epsom Bath Salts Help Promote Better Sleep

Magnesium has many benefits and it’s a well-known a stress reliever. Some studies believe that it encourages melatonin production, which is a sleep-inducing hormone so if you’re suffering with sleep problems, trying an Epsom Salts bath before bed could make all the difference!

  • Epsom Bath Salts Help with Splinter Removal

If you’ve ever had a splinter, you’ll know that not only are they uncomfortable, but they are also difficult to remove.  However, bet you didn’t know that Epsom Bath Salts can help!  By enjoying a refreshing bath with Epsom Bath Salts, you’ll soften the skin so it’s easier to push out a splinter.  Additionally, the salts help to reduce inflammation around the affected area and they’re so powerful, they can even soften the actual splinter making it easier to manoeuvre.

  • Epsom Bath Salts Promote Better Foot Health

Tired, aching feet after a long day at work or when you feel like you haven’t sat down can easily be remedied with a long soak in an Epsom Salt Bath (we’d recommend around 20 minutes for full benefits).  Not only will the bath salts rejuvenate your feet, did you know that the salts are effective in reducing foot odour?  So sweet-smelling, comfortable feet could be easily achieved with Eco Bath London’s Epsom Bath Salts.  Shop our collection here.

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