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New Eco-Friendly Arrivals

New Eco-Friendly Arrivals

If you’re like us, you’re always looking for new ways to be more environmentally conscious. Maybe you’ve started cycling more to avoid taking your car, or maybe you’ve begun looking for more sustainable products to incorporate into your daily life. Whatever it is that you’re doing, we are committed to helping people discover the benefits of high quality, eco-friendly and sustainable products. Although it may seem too good to be true, by introducing just a few eco-friendly alternatives into your daily life, you can help make the planet a cleaner, safer and healthier place for all.

In this spirit, we are thrilled to share some of our newest Eco Bath London products. 

Cellulite Massage Brush

Summer is coming, and there is no better time to start getting your skin in shape the natural way! We’re ready for summer too, that’s why we’re launching our new Cellulite Massage Brush in walnut wood! Our Eco Bath London Cellulite Massage Brush can be used to improve blood circulation and massage aching muscles all over your body. Oh, and we should probably mention that regular usage of a cellulite massage brush helps reduce the appearance of cellulite!

Our luxurious walnut wood massage brush is designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand.  The sturdy canvas strap ensures you have total control of every movement. Like all Eco Bath London products, our cellulite massage brush is made using eco-friendly and sustainable materials. You shouldn't have to sacrifice options just because you are environmentally conscious, so our cellulite brushes are now available in beech wood or walnut wood.  


Ready to try out our new Cellulite Massage Brush? Click here!

Soap dishes

Did you know that using bar soap instead of the bottled body wash is an easy way to become more eco-friendly?  Bar soap doesn’t require extensive packaging and is even biodegradable! To help make the switch to bar soap a little bit easier, we’re releasing 4 brand new wooden soap dishes! 

Soap dishes can come in many different materials including plastic. But our Eco Bath London soap dishes have always been made using 100% sustainably sourced olive wood. Our olive wood bath dishes come in 4 charming new shapes; leaf, bathtub, oval and rectangle! Each soap dish has 3 drainage holes to keep your bar of soap clean and dry between uses. 

Ready for your new wooden soap dish? Click here!

Reflexology Foot Roller

Do you spend all day on your feet? Or maybe you just enjoy a good foot rub? We’ve got you covered with our new wooden Reflexology Foot roller! 

Our Eco Bath London reflexology foot roller is designed to offer a gentle foot massage whenever you need it! Rolling your feet forward and back across the wooden rollers stimulates the reflex zones in the soles of your feet. Using a foot roller also encourages the flow of both blood and lymph,  facilitating the spread of oxygen to the muscles in your feet! 

Our reflexology foot roller is made with natural cherry wood, making it a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic foot rollers. Now you can be eco-friendly and pampered! What are you waiting for? 

If you’re ready to roll, click here! 

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