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Six Brilliant Eco-Friendly Christmas Tips

Six Brilliant Eco-Friendly Christmas Tips

With Christmas just two weeks away, we thought this was an opportune moment to bring you some eco-friendly Christmas Tips.  Apart from choosing eco-friendly gifts from our online store here, what else can you do to ensure a greener lifestyle and help to preserve our planet for future generations? Here are some great ideas!


Make the Most of Your Leftovers!

credit: August de Richelieu

    Christmas is all about indulgence and why not? You deserve to over-indulge especially after such a challenging year!  Food is always the biggest threat at Christmas but with so much food (along with all the expense!) there’s always a lot left over.  You’ll have turkey sandwiches for days but those vegetables needn’t be thrown out.  Instead, make some power-soups.  Cooked parsnips and carrots make a fantastically healthy winter soup so don’t throw them away.  Instead, using a little olive oil, fry up some chopped onion, add the leftover veg and cook for a few minutes, add some vegetable stock, simmer for 15 minutes and then whizz with a blender for a yummy, warming starter or wholesome lunchtime meal.  Have you got leftover gravy?  Rather than throwing it down the sink hole, freeze it for your next Sunday roast, it matures too so it has a lot more delicious flavour. It’s too late this year, but why not plan to grow your own vegetables next year so Christmas 2021 is even more eco-friendly and sustainable?


    Rent Your Christmas Tree
      credit: Brett

        Rather than buying a Christmas tree and then getting rid of it after the festivities, why not rent one?  Unfortunately, Christmas trees are cut down in their millions, harming the environment (did you know that 8 million Christmas trees end up dumped on landfill!), then they’re left to die off but renting one means that your tree carries living!  It’s completely sustainable, there’s zero tree waste and your tree will eventually be re-planted so it can carry on growing.  There are lots of options online, here’s one for you to try if you live in London: Christmas Tree Rental 


        Make Your Own Decorations



        Every year, the shops are full of sparkling, colourful baubles and other tree decorations and while they’re tempting, how about this year give your children something fun to do and make your own decorations.  Collect things that you’d otherwise throwaway and buy some arts and crafts materials for the kids to get creative!  Old-fashioned paper-chains and bunting always make an eye-catching display and by being eco-friendly with your decorations, you’ll re-use, recycle and have something completely unique.  Last years’ Christmas cards make pretty decorations too, cut out the Santa Claus images and snowmen images, string them and hang them up.


        Don’t Send Christmas Cards

            Instead, donate what you would have spent on cards to charity.  Send emails rather than cards and explain what you’re doing.  Don’t feel guilty, most cards end up in the dustbin, only adding to waste and while cards are recyclable, why cut down more trees when there are other options?


            Re-Use Wrapping Paper

                Rather than buying rolls of wrapping paper, re-use what you’ve got or make your own.  Use magazines, newspapers or carrier bags.  Retail giant Primark has printed its carrier bags with a message asking customers to use them as Christmas wrapping, now that’s innovation!  Take their lead and do the same.


                Buy Eco-Friendly Presents

                    Be mindful when you shop for Christmas gifts for all the family.  Eco-bath London has a treasure trove of fantastic gifts available on our website, and it’s good to know that everything is eco-friendly.  You needn’t feel guilty and your recipient also knows that they’re using something that’s kind to the planet that we live in.  We’ve got bath accessories, beauty and personal care, bath bombs, naturally made brushes, bath salts, sea sponges, soaps, organic cotton bath towels and so much more.  This is the year to have a more sustainable, eco-friendly Christmas and leave a positive mark on the environment!  Shop our collections here

                    Thank you for being more eco-friendly this Christmas, have a very pleasurable festive season and a happy, healthy 2021!


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