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What You Should Know About Bamboo

What You Should Know About Bamboo

Natural, sustainable bamboo has a wealth of benefits that we bet you didn’t know about! At Eco Bath London, bamboo is one of our most favourite materials to use for our products.  Our bamboo products are entirely eco-friendly too – and we’ll talk about them a little later, but first, here’s some interesting facts about bamboo you should hear about!

  • Bamboo is Not a Tree, It Is Grass

    Yes, that’s right! Bamboo is not a tree, or indeed a plant. It is one of the grass family and it’s the biggest type of ornamental grass you can get.

    • Bamboo Grows Fast

      It’s a fast-grower, and in the tropics, some bamboo varieties can actually grow 4 foot in just 24 hours!  Bamboo reaches its maximum size in approximately 10 years which is why gardeners favour it for screening purposes, especially if they want something that gets to  substantial height super-quick.

      • Bamboo is Strong!

        Bamboo is almost impossible to break and it’s actually stronger than steel so when you buy a bamboo product from Eco Bath London, you’re getting something super-sturdy and built to last.  In the Far East, bamboo is often used as scaffolding, because it’s easier to move around and it’s cheaper than steel.  Bamboo can be used in so many ways.  For example, if you need a strong but kind hairbrush, you’ll love our Eco Bath London Bamboo Hairbrush with boar bristles. Not only is it comfortable to grip, it’s designed to stimulate circulation in the scalp, boost hair growth and coat the hair with natural oils from root to tip so it looks healthy and glossy.  Shop yours here: 


        • Bamboo Produces Oxygen

        Enormously eco-friendly, bamboo produces more oxygen than trees (by 35%!).  It also consumes more carbon dioxide than other plants so it’s useful when it comes to global warming because it gets rid of greenhouse gasses.  When you harvest bamboo, you don’t kill it off so there’s less risk of topsoil erosion.  So, when buying a natural product, bamboo is better than wood. It also removes toxic substances from water and soil because of its make-up.  Its roots, shoots, leaves and rhizomes clean up the soil and water so if you want to plant some in your garden, you’ll be helping maintain a safe environment for nature and using products made out of bamboo is very good for the planet.

        Bamboo Trees Eco Bath
        • Bamboo is Thoroughly Versatile

        This sustainable material isn’t just great to look at when planted outdoors, it’s also versatile and cutting it down doesn’t harm the environment.  It is often used instead of wood, it can be made into furniture, laid as floor and even be woven into bedding and clothing or other fabric types! Check out our bamboo hair drying wrap which is made out of sustainable bamboo.  It’s super-absorbent, really soft and it dries hair quickly without using energy from electricity. Machine washable, it’s built to last and at just £10.99, what’s not to love? Shop yours here: 


        • Bamboo Makes Great Bath Products!
        Bamboo Bath Tray

          Bamboo is great for bath products, and we use it regularly in manufacturing our Eco Bath London collections.  Our rather stylish Bamboo Bath Tray isn’t just good looking, it’s useful too and gives you room to store all your bathroom essentials, in a sustainable way.  100% natural, it’s designed to fit almost any size bath – and makes a great gift too.  Buy one here:


          •  You Can Wash with Bamboo!

          Our Bamboo Bath Pouf is designed to create quite a satisfying lather and it’s all-natural too, so you’re keeping it nicely eco-friendly.  A gentle cleanser, it’s far better than harsh plastics and leaves skin feeling super-smooth and perfectly pampered. Get one here: and enjoy bath- time even more than ever before!


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