5 easy ways to be more eco-friendly

May 04, 2020

5 easy ways to be more eco-friendly

Easy ways to be environmentally friendly

Sometimes it seems like to live an environmentally conscious life, you have to make huge sacrifices. While it’s true that most of us should be trying to reduce our environmental impact, we can’t forget how sometimes small actions can have an enormous impact on the environment. Here is our list of 5 small changes you can make today to begin living a more eco-friendly life! 


1. Bring your own (reusable) bag

    Plastic bags are used for an average of 12 minutes and take more than 500 years to decompose. Bringing your own reusable bag is one of the easiest ways to cut down on single-use plastic. Reusable bags come in a variety of materials and sizes.  Plus they make great eco-friendly gifts for your friends who refuse to buy their own! 


    2. Look for products made with natural and organic ingredients 


      Whether you are shopping for food or household supplies, look for products that use all-natural and organic ingredients. Organic farming encourages naturally healthy soil which sustains robust plants that absorb carbon dioxide. Organic and natural products also help keep lakes, rivers, streams and oceans clean and chemical-free! Click here to browse our selection of products made with organic and natural ingredients! 


      3. Bring your own (reusable) coffee cup

        This might come as a surprise, but bringing your own coffee cup to your local coffee shop is a monumental effort towards reducing waste. Did you know that around 2.5 billion coffee cups are thrown away each year in the UK?  Even though the majority of these cups are made of paper, the bounded plastic lining (that makes them liquid-proof) means they are almost impossible to recycle. Bringing your own coffee cup significantly reduces the amount of waste fueled by the world’s caffeine addiction. To help you make this switch to a more sustainable option, some coffee shops even offer discounts if you bring your own cup! It couldn’t be easier!  

        4. Eat less meat

          Livestock farming accounts for 18% of human-produced greenhouse gas emissions. Meat consumption also leads to deforestation, as a large amount of land is needed to raise the livestock and cultivate their feed. Cutting meat entirely out of your diet is not an option for everyone, and that’s ok! Reducing your meat consumption is a great place to start! If you eat meat every night, try switching to every other night. Remember to make sure when you do eat meat, that it comes from an organic and local source where the animals are treated with dignity and respect. 


          5. Support businesses that share eco-friendly values

            As we look to move towards a more sustainable future, an easy way to encourage this transition is to support businesses already upholding eco-friendly values. Supporting eco-friendly businesses encourages the creation of a profitable market for sustainable and eco-friendly goods. Supporting businesses with eco-friendly values mean that producers and merchants can evolve their practices and switch to more sustainable methods without sacrificing their livelihood. 

            Looking to support a business with eco-friendly values? Our online shop is filled with products made with organic and all-natural ingredients! Click here!






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