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Quarantine Essentials Pt. 2

Quarantine Essentials Pt. 2

The wait is over! Part 2 of our quarantine essentials is finally here!  (If you haven’t seen Part 1 of our lockdown list, please click here.) We’re all sick of waiting around so let’s jump right into the second half of our Eco Bath London quarantine essentials!

Item 4: Natural Pumice Stone

Summer is coming! Our Natural Pumice Stone will help get you ready to go barefoot on the beach...if we are allowed out by then.  Natural pumice stones are great for exfoliating, removing and softening hard skin on your feet. But wait, there’s more! Eco Bath London pumice stones are made from all-natural volcanic pumice stone AND come in black or grey! So many choices!

Item 5: Natural Toweling Slippers 

So you can’t show off your newly pumiced feet just yet, but you can make sure they are taken care of with our Natural Toweling Slippers! Just like our organic cotton bathrobes (check them out too, they are lovely), Eco Bath London towelling slippers are made of sustainably sourced organic cotton. Step into these slippers right out of the shower and they will help keep your feet squeaky clean. If you haven’t bathed today, that’s ok too! These natural towelling slippers are comfy enough to wear around the house all day. Who needs shoes anyway? 

Item 6: Soap on rope

It probably comes as no surprise that our final quarantine essential is our famous Organic Donkey’s Milk Soap on a Rope! Quarantine has meant a lot of handwashing, so it’s far past time to give your hands a treat! Eco Bath London’s organic donkey’s milk soap works to remove dead or damaged skin through gentle exfoliation. The mixture of organic shea butter softens and rejuvenates the fragile skin of your hands, leaving a delicately soft scent. What else could your tired hands ask for? 

If organic donkey’s milk soap isn’t your thing, fret not! We have an entire collection of soaps on rope! Click here to find your perfect soap on a rope!


Still, want more? Head on over to our website to find all your bath essentials from our range of eco-friendly products! 



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