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Eco Bath London Essentials: Four Must-Have Products Under £10

Eco Bath London Essentials: Four Must-Have Products Under £10

Lockdown has taken its toll on so many of us!  The beauty salons and non-essential retail only just beginning to open their doors now.  During the past twelve months, we’ve all had to learn how to pamper ourselves and while it’s been a learning curve – we’ve all managed it!  No doubt, the queues to get an appointment will be long, and some of us are still a little nervous to jump-in, along with the crowds of people on the high street, and busy salons.  Does that sound familiar?  At Eco Bath London, we’ve been thinking hard about those essentials that are necessary to keep at home, even if you are ready to return to shop once more and enjoy some salon-services. There’s lots of brilliantly useful products on the website and at truly incredible prices, here’s our top products to keep at home for under £10.

     1. Lavender Soap-On-A Rope

    Calming, soothing, relaxing and restorative, our all-natural lavender soap-on-a-rope lasts longer than shower gels or bath cremes.   It also looks great on display! Infused with organic shea butter and olive oil, your skin will thank you.  Additionally, it’s packed with vegetable encrustations that provide a gentle, exfoliating experience.  The lavender is sourced from Grasse in France, famed for its natural lavender fields.  Eco-friendly, it looks super in a bathroom, kitchen or the guest washroom.  At just £7.99, no home should be without one!

         2. Bamboo and Sisal Massage Mitt

      Keep your body comfortably massaged with our double-sided natural Bamboo and Sisal Massage Mitt, made with natural fibres.  Not only will it give you an invigorating, massaging experience, it will restore your skin, so it feels remarkably smooth and soft.  Comfortable to use, it naturally boosts blood circulation and can help to banish cellulite.  At just £8.99, it’s a must-have in your bathroom!

           3. Dead Sea Salts Stress Relieving

        For healthier, softer skin and that “ahh” feeling, nothing beats Eco Bath London’s Dead Sea Salts, using 100% pure essential oils.  Not only are these salts good for encouraging relaxation, but they also smooth, cleanse and restore fabulous skin that feels super-soft to touch and radiant after use.  Rich in minerals that come directly from the Dead Sea itself, when you and your skin need pampering, this is your go-to product, all packed in a highly attractive jar.  At just £7.45, this unbeatable price makes these a best-seller!

            4. Big, Round Coconut Bath Fizzer

        For just £2.99 each, make bathing even more pleasurable with the Eco Bath London Bath Bombs, we have an exceptional range of incredible fragrances but at the moment, we’re loving our coconut variety because it reminds us of tropical paradises!  All natural and so good for your skin, these gentle, handmade bath bombs won’t cause any dryness, instead, they’ll soften and soothe your body due to their natural witch hazel extract, added to calm any inflammation.  With healing emollients, these completely relaxing, yet fun bath bombs are your bath-time companion!


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