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The Best Eco-Friendly Woods for Your Body Care

The Best Eco-Friendly Woods for Your Body Care

Being sustainable and eco-friendly is more important than ever before.  As a population, we need to take care of our planet to protect it for future generations.  We must try and reduce piles of plastic that won’t decompose, we need to protect marine life from debris in the ocean that’s poisoning our fish and it’s important to recognise that deforestation is an issue.  By recycling our plastics, trying to buy products with more eco-friendly packaging and choosing natural materials, we’ll all help to reduce our carbon footprint.  When it comes to shopping for sustainable products for our family’s body care, at Eco Bath London, we’d obviously recommend choosing as many of our wood products as possible.  If you’ve ever wondered what the most environmentally friendly wooden materials are, we’ll happily pass on the information.

Olive Wood



As it sounds, olive wood comes from olive trees and these trees grow to enormous heights, up to 150 feet tall and with a generous diameter of up to 5 feet.  Olive wood has a gorgeously curly grain and it’s easy to work with which is why it’s a favourite for personal care products that are eco-friendly.  Often used to make furniture too, it’s practical and durable as well as being handsome to look at.  As it’s not a species that’s in danger, it’s a good choice of wood and it has natural anti-bacterial properties so it’s the perfect partner for your body care.  Smarten up your bathroom with our Olive Wood Collection, such as our Natural Olive Wood Soap Dish which has handy drainage holes and adds some sustainable glamour to any bathroom. Shop it here 

For personal care, use our Olive Wood Nail Brush which features natural sisal fibres for a superb experience that won’t harm the planet: 

Beech Wood



Beech is a hard wood and is used for floors, furniture, kitchens and other products such as personal care.  At Eco Bath London, we are big advocates of sustainable beech.  Our beech comes from sustainable forests so there’s no harm to eco-systems, wildlife or the trees themselves.  A beech tree is a fast grower so using its wood to create products is eco-friendly.  Seen as a smart wood, it boasts a beautiful straight grain and even texture.  It’s pale in colour, beech colours range from off white, cream to beech with a pinkish hue. For a sustainable choice, Eco Bath London has some fabulous beech products, try our Beech Soap Dish to co-ordinate with soft décor in your bathroom, it’s ridged so it holds soap firmly and drains excess water well.  It’s ideal for a utility room too, shop yours here


Walnut Wood



This popular dark wood is delightfully sustainable and it’s a real favourite with Brits!  Used in furniture making as well as household products, it has a fantastic range of shades, from deep brown to soft grey.  Walnut Wood is homegrown here in the UK (although it’s also grown in Europe and the USA) so it’s easy to get hold of and it grows fairly quickly making it a good, sustainable choice.  A very sought-after wood, it’s hard wearing, strong, practical and beautiful all at the same time.  At Eco Bath London, we have a few excellent quality walnut wood pieces.  Our Natural Walnut Wood Cellulite Brush not only helps to boost circulation and reduce cellulite by breaking down fat cells, it looks great in your bathroom!  Why not shop yours here

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