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Three Fantastic Lockdown Beauty Tips

Three Fantastic Lockdown Beauty Tips

There’s no reason to let lockdown ruin your regular beauty routine. Obviously, going to the beauty salon is off the agenda for now and getting your hair cut and coloured isn’t a possibility since hairdressers aren’t allowed to open but it doesn’t mean you have to avoid looking in the mirror!  There’s still plenty you can do at home, from disguising your grey or faded roots with the latest hair colour products to spending half an hour giving yourself a facial.  To enjoy some home pampering, you need a few outstanding products so you get the most out of your toiletries. 

At Eco Bath London, we have a multitude of excellent beauty tools that you can use while you’re waiting for your favourite beauty salon or hairdresser to open their doors.  Here are some useful lockdown beauty tips in the meantime.

    1. Have the Right Towels

      If you’re going to give yourself a facial or you want to look after your hair, the right towels will make a difference.  There’s no point in giving your hair a healthy treatment if you’re going to wrap it up in something that’s not soft and gentle.  You risk snagging wet hair and causing breakage.  By the same token, don’t rub your face with an old face cloth and dry it off with a threadbare towel, instead, pat your face gently with one of Eco Bath London’s organic cotton soft towels.   Not only are our towels organic, but they’re also unbleached and super-soft. Shop our hand towels here and our organic cotton bath towels here.  For happy, healthy hair, use pure coconut oil as a natural and inexpensive treatment once a week.  Simply coat your hair from root to tip in coconut oil, wrap hair in one of our organic towels and leave it for half an hour before rinsing out and conducting your usual hair washing routine.

    2. Don’t Forget Your Body

      Staying in with the central heating on certainly doesn’t do your skin any favours and while you might be addressing dry, flaky skin on your face, your body also needs some TLC!  No matter what, you should moisturise your body every time you have a bath or shower.  An unperfumed and as natural as can be moisturiser is best as sometimes, perfume irritates skin.  Your bath water might be hard too, especially if you live in a hard water area or you don’t have a water softener.  To combat this, you can add natural oil to your bath or try some of our Relaxing Himalayan Salt in your bath. Not only is it smoothing and softening, it’s really calming too.

      Remember to slough off dead skin cells before you apply your body lotion, we’d recommend using a natural body brush such as our Japanese Sisal Body Brush which helps to boost circulation and reduce signs of cellulite: (this is a dry brush, don’t use it in water!).

    3. DIY Pedicure

      If your feet look better in socks perhaps now’s the time to get them ready for Spring.  Lockdown definitely won’t have been easy on your feet, with no one to give you a pedicure it’s down to you and with less time than ever before, your feet might have fallen to the back of the queue!  Feet need to be cared for, just like the rest of the body and they get rough, flaky skin on the soles.  Cracked heels don’t look good in summer sandals so start taking care of your feet now and they’ll thank you this summer.  To really get to grips with hard skin on the soles of your feet, you need a good, natural pumice stone.  The Eco Bath Natural White Pumice Foot File is gently curved so it’s super-easy to use and reaches those places that you find hard to get to!  As it’s made out of white pumice powder, it’s very gentle and guarantees soft, silky feet every time!  Shop it here.

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