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Mental Health During Lockdown with Relaxing Ideas

Mental Health During Lockdown with Relaxing Ideas

Most people experience stress during life and understanding how to deal with it is one of the best ways to help reduce anxiety so you gain enjoyment from life.  So many people don’t know what to do to cope with anxiety when they are in tricky situations.  Now more than ever, with a second lockdown here and no doubt more to come, it’s even more important to know how to manage stress. Anxiety can be very damaging and result in poor physical and mental health, even a breakdown in your close relationships.

There are a number of brilliant ideas to prevent those feelings of stress. There’s no need to constantly feel agitated, possibly nervous, experience broken sleep patterns, feel like you don’t want to eat (or wanting to over-eat), and generally feel low. 

Here are a few relaxing ideas from Eco Bath London to reduce symptoms of anxiety:

  • Get outdoors. The sunlight releases serotonin (a mood enhancing hormone) and this can help you to feel less anxious.  A walk once a day can help to remove the fog from your mind.
  • Try downloading a sleep app or meditating. Always turn the lights out at the same time every night, don’t leave electronic equipment (such as your iPhone, iPad etc.) on, keep your bedroom dark and listen to relaxing music. You might want to take a pleasurable bath an hour before bedtime and enjoy a milky beverage.  Reading a light book or magazine also helps to distract your mind from anxious thoughts.
  • That bath we just mentioned is a great way of relaxing. Try factoring in our Eco Bath London Reflexology Foot Roller.  It’s a clever little device that pinpoints pressure areas on the feet and uses reflexology to calm and soothe the mind.  Made out of sustainable cherry wood, it’s kind to the feet and good for the environment.  Not only does it alleviate stress, it reduces foot pain too.
  • Exercise releases endorphins; these are positive hormones that make you feel happier. If you’re fit and strong, you’re more likely to cope better with stressful situations.  The second lockdown allows us to exercise outdoors as much as we want, so combine your exercise with getting outside, as mentioned in point one.

  • Surround yourself with people you love through Zoom or Facetime. Communicating with positive people helps to boost mood and distracts you from pondering your problems.

  • Face your fears, it’s better to deal with them than pretend they’re not there. When you deal with a situation you might be able to remove the stress altogether. 

  • Remember, a problem shared is a problem halved so find someone you trust and let the weight of stress leave your shoulders. If you don’t have anyone to talk to, consider seeking professional counselling.

  • One of the reasons people are so stressed is because we all juggle busy lives; work, home, family, and children. Keep just half an hour a day for yourself to do something you enjoy, this helps to reduce stress.

  • Don’t pick up unhealthy habits such alcohol or smoking. They won’t help and they will do you more harm in the long term.

  • Be fair on yourself and accept that if a stressful situation cannot be altered try and focus on what you can change instead.



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