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How to Indulge Your Man in Eco-Friendly Skincare Products

How to Indulge Your Man in Eco-Friendly Skincare Products


Often, men are put to the bottom of the list when it comes to skin and body-care but just like women, they need to be cared for.  Men’s skin and muscles may well be stronger and but both need good circulation and occasionally, massage to boost wellness and reduce tension. See our Eco Bath London brilliant range of men’s products to give your favourite male all the TLC he needs.

Being Eco-Friendly

Today’s world calls for more and more sustainable, eco-friendly products and skincare is an area that people take seriously, men and women alike want to leave the planet as protected as possible for future generations.  There’s no need to compromise.  Natural is better when it comes to skincare and body-care so all of our male products are, as you’d want them to be, natural, sustainable and kind.


If your man (or you’re reading this as a man and want to improve your wellness and skincare routine) enjoys a powerful workout at the gym or likes to let off steam running Couch to 5k, perhaps he spends much of his day on his feet so he might be feeling the pressure on his joints. Relax and refresh his tired, tight muscles in a warm bath with our all-natural Epsom Salt.  Our favourite male Epsom Salt product is Muscle and Joint, complete with lemongrass, black pepper, peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils, it smells heavenly.  Not only is its scent invigorating, it’s excellent for rejuvenating muscular strain and reducing joint inflammation. With its high magnesium content, it can also promote less muscular spasms and cramps.  He’ll love it, shop a sustainably packaged box here:

Scrub Away the Day

The skin on your man’s body needs exfoliation and stimulating circulation helps it to feel and look great.  So, treat him to a loofah, we’ve got a few to choose from, our natural, large loofah is ideal for getting rid of hard skin on the elbows, knees and feet; shop it here

For a really deep massaging experience, he might want to try this sisal body brush (it’s got especially hard bristles for an incredibly energising experience!). Made out of beech wood, your man can use it in the shower or encourage him to try dry body brushing to improve his blood circulation.  You can view ours here:  

After a Long, Hard Day

As we mentioned before, some men find they’re on their feet all day and certainly when he’s walked for miles, his feet could do with some TLC!  If he’s complaining his feet are aching, then why not get him a thoughtful gift?  This reflexology foot roller combines the ancient traditions of Chinese reflexology, hitting those pressure points in the feet that aid relaxation, reduce pain and inflammation so he’ll feel better in a jiffy!  Made out of sustainable cherry wood and with comfortable nubs, just tell him to choose the pressure he wants and feel the discomfort disappear: Eco Bath Reflexology Foot Roller

For Ultimate Luxury

Nothing beats wrapping up in a cotton bathrobe after showering and ours is so deliciously comfortable, he won’t to take it off.  With a convenient hood as well (great after hair-washing!), it’s snuggly and cosy all at the same time, and the best bit? It’s made out of certified, undyed, unbleached organic cotton…you might want to use it yourself! 

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